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Short Term Rentals Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You.

by Sharon Barton

In September 2022, members of DOGI were encouraged to submit an article for the October issue of "Kayenta Connection" in regards to our efforts to challenge the 3 to 2 rezoning decision made by City Council after the public hearing on September 1, 2022. This public hearing involved the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) parcel of land at approximately 400 S and Puerto Dr. This project is also known as the SITLA 120 Land. The article we wrote was entitled: "Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: Short Term Rentals." Just before going to print, we received the following written notice that our article was being pulled, "because Kayenta's real estate and development company sponsors the Kayenta Connection, they need to stay neutral on some zoning and land uses issues."

In the November issue of "Connection," Matt Marten wrote an article entitled, "History & Future Planning & Development in Kayenta,"and unfortunately, it appears Short Term Rentals are coming soon to the Kayenta community. Under the heading of, "Continued Growth of Resort Commercial," Mr. Marten writes about how he is, "hoping we will continue to find support from our community to allow a modest amount of hospitality and Short Term Rental lodging within Kayenta." Marten goes on to say, "Of course, the projects would be consistent with the spirit and concepts of Kayenta." This "modest amount of hospitality and Short Term Rental lodging" includes resort commercial Short Term Rentals for the land at the corner of Kayenta Parkway and Kwavasa Dr., and Kayenta Casitas, which "offers two dozen casitas."

At the November 29, 2022 Planning Commission public hearing, Ivins residents, mostly those that live in the Kayenta community, spoke out against a requested Land Use Amendment from Residential to Resort Commercial on acreage located approximately at Coyote Gulch Circle and Coyote Gulch Way. Currently the Land Use Amendment is pending approval, however should the Land Use be amended from Residential to Resort Commercial, it appears the plan is to develop sites that include 21 Short Term Rentals.

Within the past four months, two other zone changes to Resort Commercial have been approved to allow Short Term Rentals. On 10/20/22, the City Council approved a zone change for approximately 9.618 acres on the southeast corner of Guy Lane and Fitness Way to Resort Commercial. The Resort Commercial concept plan includes 95 units. Note: The minutes from this City Council meeting are found on the Ivins City website, agenda item 5)B, and make for an interesting read.

During the September 29, 2022 City Council Meeting, Ordinance No 2022-10 was passed approving a Concurrent Land Use and Zone Change for the northwest corner of Black Desert Resort from Low Density Residential to Resort Commercial for both Land Use and Zoning, thus allowing Short Term Rentals.

As Ivins residents, let's stay united and involved and keep the message strong that resort commercial Short Term Rentals are not welcomed in Ivins neighborhoods.


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